To strengthen the operations of any organization, Finance, HRA, Internal Audit, Plant & Information Technology are considered to be strong pillars. We at Al Burkan Group believe that these departments are support centres and not cost centres, as generally considered. Their individual role in the organization growth is very crucial and important. They are the one who help us in knowing the pulses of our different operations and ensure productive controls across the Al Burkan Group. The competent team under each department has its own qualitative and quantitative business plan which helps corporate management to measure their individual performances. We see their active role in our existing operations and future growths/diversifications.

Followings are all the SUB SSU supporting AL Burkan Group:

Sub Strategic Support Unit “Finance”

  Support Centres
- Accounts
- Treasury

Sub Strategic Support Unit “HRA”

  Support Centres
- Omannisation
- Recruitment
- HR Support
- Administration

Sub Strategic Support Unit “Plant”

  Support Centres
- Repaired Maintenance
- Workshops
- Vehicles Registration & Renewals
- Hiring & Renting

Sub Strategic Support Unit “Information Technology”

  Support Centres
- Infrastructure
- Development
- End User Support

Sub Strategic Support Unit  “Internal Audit”

  Support Centres
- Financial Audit
- Operational Audit
- System Audit